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Who decides participation in a Stress Detector program? It's the company's management who decides to enroll on behalf of the employees. However, as an employee, you can always decline participation. Participation in Stress Detector is voluntary.

Can I participate in Stress Detector independently of my company? It is possible for an individual to register if they inform their company.

How long does the Stress Detector program last? A typical project period lasts from six months to a year. Less time is not recommended as it deals with symptoms that develop over time. It's like a continuous subscription, similar to insurance, which you don't stop paying for.

What data will be held about me? Only your mobile number will be held, associated with a code, such as "person 1". Data is deleted after one year.

Who owns the data about me? In Stress Detector, we always own the data for participants' safety, and it is kept outside the company. In some cases, larger companies may purchase a license, which requires a course with us and an agreement to delete the data after the license period.

How does the process work? You'll receive a short form via SMS once a month. It takes a few minutes to complete and return. You can have confidence in the process, as those you choose will fill out identical forms. We ensure completion by follow-up. If there's a significant discrepancy in the responses, all parties receive a more comprehensive form to complete. Stress Detector then decides whether to offer coaching or other treatment, or if there's no increased risk for distress.

What happens if I'm at risk of developing stress? You'll be offered a coaching session and possibly referred to other health professionals. We can also meet with your supervisor if you wish. A plan will typically be made to reduce your risk of stress and distress.

In which languages and cultures is Stress Detector available? It's available in English and German. Coaching can also be conducted in these languages through our partners.

GDPR Consent Statement

This document informs you about the data we collect on you, its uses, the legal basis for processing your personal data, and your rights.

By clicking send, you agree to our data processing agreement.

Note that the term "employee" is used regardless of whether you are an employee, a manager, or a close relative.

We do not collect cookies for marketing, etc., so you don't need to consider this.

By continuing to fill out this profile measurement, you agree to allow us to work with your entries, your leader's, and your partner's in the Stress Detector profile forms.

No sensitive personal information about your leader or partner is collected, and your information is not sensitive.

Profile measurement doesn't expose sensitive data; it's a general schema that could theoretically match someone else.

Only you, your partner, and your boss are personally identifiable to the extent that your/their mobile numbers can be traced back to you/them.

The data is stored and analyzed in Google Workspace.

In analyzing your stress profile, a code for your company is used, and you and your respondents appear by a number or a letter.

All Stress Detector employees are covered by this policy, which also applies when they are no longer part of the companies behind it.

For questions, feel free to ask us.

The Danish Data Protection Agency has been contacted and contributed to this declaration.

If further data processors are later involved, we are obliged to obtain written data processing agreements with them.

Your Rights Under data protection legislation, you have several rights when we process your data. This section informs you of your rights and how to use them, including the right to access, correction, deletion, restriction to storage, data portability, objection, and withdrawal of consent.


Your data is securely processed in Google Workspace, meeting standards such as ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27018, SOC 2/3, FedRAMP, and PCI DSS.

Drafted by Stress Detector on January 6, 2023.


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