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Who decides participation in a Stress Detector© program? 
It's the company's management who decides to enroll on behalf of the employees. However, as an employee, you can always decline participation. Participation in Stress Detector is voluntary.

Can I participate in Stress Detector© independently of my company? 

Yes, it is possible for an individual to register if they inform their company.

How long does the Stress Detector© program last? 

A typical project period lasts from six months to a year. Less time is not recommended as it deals with symptoms that develop over time. It's like a continuous subscription, similar to insurance, which you don't stop paying for.

How does the process work? 

You will receive a monthly SMS with a questionnaire that you can fill out online. The questions asked are in accordance with WHO guidelines and can be completed in 5 minutes. If stress symptoms are detected, you will automatically be asked to fill out another more comprehensive online questionnaire. Not only you will be asked, but also someone from your family and someone from your workplace (supervisor or colleague). You determine who, and you will forward the questionnaire.

If stress is detected from the responses, you will be contacted by us to discuss the next steps.

What happens if I'm at risk of developing stress? 

You'll be offered a coaching session and possibly referred to other health professionals. We can also meet with your supervisor if you wish. A plan will typically be made to reduce your risk of stress and distress.

In which languages and cultures is Stress Detector© available? 

It's available in English, German and Danish. Coaching can also be conducted in these languages through our partners.

What data will be held about me? 

Only your mobile number will be held, associated with a code, such as "person 1". Data is deleted after one year.

Who owns the data about me? 

In Stress Detector©, we always own the data for participants' safety, and it is kept outside the company. Stress Detector© has been approved by D-Digital Trust Denmark’s labelling program for IT security. For our Swiss customer the data is stored and processed exclusively in European data centers and complies with all requirements and regulations of the GDPR and the nFADP (New Federal Act on Data Protection in Switzerland).



March 25th 2024

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